Remitting Details And Privacy Terms

The content appearing on the website, as well as the details that are remitted to Planetto Company or the service providers through the website are confidential and protected as detailed in the website’s security and privacy policy, and this being the case, use of the website, remitting the details that are required upon using the website, ordering various products displayed on the website, and engaging with the various vendors and service providers whose details appear on the website is the User and ordering entity’s responsibility only and the User will have no allegation in connection with exposing such details that were remitted by him.

For the purpose of ordering tourism products appearing on the website or any them, you are required to remit various details to Planetto Company such as identification details of the tour operator ordering the products, details of those ordering tourism products, means of payment details, valid residential addresses, electronic mail addresses, etc.

It is hereby clarified that although it is possible that in accordance with the law applicable to Planetto Company and/or pursuant to the law in your country you are under no legal or other duty to remit the details that are required on this website to be remitted, it is hereby clarified to you that if such details are not remitted you cannot use the services on this website and the Planetto Company cannot handle your order.

By remitting the details required of you, you undertake that all the details you remitted to Planetto Company, insofar as you choose to remit them, are full, correct and valid details and that you will be liable for any direct or indirect damage that Planetto Company sustains and/or anyone on its behalf and/or a third party sustains whereupon you remitted details that are incomplete and/or incorrect and/or invalid.

Without derogating from the provisions above it is hereby clarified that Planetto Company reserves its right to initiate any legal or other proceedings, in accordance with any right reserved to it under any law, whereupon you remitted incorrect and/or incomplete and/or invalid details to it.

The details remitted to Planetto Company by the User will be kept in the Company’s database.

The details remitted to Planetto Company will be transferred to the various service providers and/or the vendors from who the products and/or services were purchased for the purpose of the order and/or purchase and/or realizing the product and/or the service that was ordered on Planetto Company website.

Insofar as you choose to make use of the Planetto Company website and remit the details requested on the Company’s website for the purpose of making use thereof, remittance of such details will constitute your consent to Planetto Company sending you mail matters and electronic mails constituting commercial, marketing and advertising content and information about Planetto Company and the entities whose products are displayed and advertised on  Planetto Company website, including but not limited to services, products, offers, discounts and advertisements.

Should you not wish to receive commercial, marketing and advertising content as stated above – please notify the Planetto Company via electronic mail: (please ensure that the electronic mail was received by Planetto Company) and/or in writing sent by registered mail to the Company’s address: 58 Amal, Petach Tikva 4951358, Israel.

Planetto Company hereby clarifies that it will remit (pursuant to its exclusive discretion and without providing any warning or notice) any details about the Users of Planetto Company’s website (including but without derogating from: Users details, means of payment, purchased products / services and such like) any time Planetto Company is required to do so by a competent authority (including but without derogating from: any of the State authorities, courts, police, commissioners on the State’s behalf, tribunals and such like) and/or in any case that Planetto Company is a party or partner (including but not limited to a witness) to legal proceedings and/or quasi-judicial proceedings (such as mediation and/or arbitration).

Planetto Company will further remit (pursuant to its exclusive discretion and without providing any warning or notice) to any relevant entity, whether certified by law or not, the details that were remitted to it in connection with your use of this website, any time Planetto Company suspects that the terms of use detailed above and below were violated and/or that actions were executed on the website contrary to the law (criminal, civil or otherwise) and/or that use of the website causes the Company and/or any other third party to sustain damages.

The User of this website must take into consideration that Planetto Company does not undertake, in any manner, that Planetto Company’s website is protected against hacking and/or penetrations and/or other uses that may cause the User to sustain damages due to the use by other Users and/or any unauthorized entity and therefore the Company does not undertake that the details that were remitted to it are protected and will not be exposed in the event that the website is used by unauthorized Users and/or entities.

Without derogating from the provisions above, by you using this website and remitting the requested details you hereby confirm and undertake, irrevocably, that you release Planetto Company (and you will have no allegation and/or claim against it) of any liability and/or responsibility in connection with any damage (including but not limited to direct or indirect or special or consequential) and/or loss that you sustain and/or someone on your behalf and/or your agents sustain due to your use of the website and remitting the details and in connection with exposing them.